Explorer Scout

Shot some Portra 160 a couple of weeks ago at box speed. I like it a lot, but I’m not sure I’d buy it again: Portra 400 and Fuji 400H are hard to beat in my books.

Still, a little adventure out into the Swan Valley—under bridges and through the grasses—was a good excuse as any to test it out.

Paths Camera Crew Grass Patches Boots

Shooting Film

I picked up a Nikon F3HP recently to complement my Fuji X100, with the goal of taking it to Japan with me in April where I plan to shoot 90% film. I ran a roll of Fuji Pro 400H through it (at box speed) within a day to check that the seals and shutter were working as expected, and picked up the results this morning. This one was my favorite from the set, and after a quick +2/3EV adjustment I couldn’t be more pleased. I’ll likely shoot my next batch of 400H at ISO250 since the colors respond so well to it.

Little Willy's


Another quick jaunt to Melbourne for great food (check out Argos Loves Company in Fitzroy), great coffee (Baba Brother Budan) and great sights (see below).

PS: My iPhone has been getting more use than my Fuji of late.

Up, Up, Up Red Parish Library Self Serve Pre-Flight Mortar Curtained Nightlife Winged Downward


I take a ton of photos on my iPhone, and I’ve always tried to keep my workflow as simple as possible: no multiple app import/export shenanigans. For a long while I was using the original VSCO Cam app—I loved the filters but wasn’t a fan of the slowness. Afterlight (formerly Afterglow) came along and solved a lot of the problems I had with VSCO’s interface, even if the filters weren’t as great (I value convenience highly when using my phone!).

So you can imagine I was pretty impressed when the new VSCO Cam launched a couple of weeks ago; alongside a whole raft of new filters, a much improved UI (with a few quirks) and significantly better performance. Note that if you’re going to buy any of the preset packs, it currently makes a lot of sense to cough up $5.99 for all 48 presets. Given that the app itself costs nothing, it’s money well invested.

I’ve been using it non-stop since I got it. Most of the below use the “F” and “K” presets, which are easily my favorites so far for their relatively muted look.

Lunch Row D Fuji Business Flats Please